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Metal Gear Solid Readme File
August 2000
© Microsoft Corporation, 2000. All rights reserved.

Welcome to Metal Gear Solid™!
Thank you for purchasing Metal Gear Solid. This Readme file contains the most recent information concerning Metal Gear Solid.

A. Installation Issues
B. Gameplay Issues
C. Configuration Issues
D. Game Controller Issues
E. 3D Card Issues
F. 3D CardDrivers and Manufacturers

You can find more information about Metal Gear Solid in the printed manual and on the Metal Gear Solid Web site: http://www.mgspc.com/.
If your computer does not automatically install Metal Gear Solid after the compact disc has been inserted into the CD-ROM drive, perform the following procedure:

1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. Typex:\setup, where x is the letter of your CD-ROM drive. For example, if your CD-ROM drive letter is D, type d:\setup.
3. Click Install, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
· Optimizing performance: For best performance, close all nonessential programs before starting Metal Gear Solid.
· No option to save, load, and delete games in the VR Training menu:Progress and mission times are automatically saved and loaded. If you wish to erase your progress in the VR missions, you must manually delete your Record.vr file (found in the root of the directory where you installed Metal Gear Solid).
· Option to delete games: In the Load Game and Save Game menus, you can delete a saved game by selecting it, pressing the DELETE key, and then clicking OK.
· Gamesnot being saved due to no free space on hard drive not indicated: If your computer runs out of free space on the hard drive, you can still perform the procedure of saving games although they are not actually saved. If free hard drive space is an issue on your computer, periodically check the Load Game or Save Game menu to verify that your games are being saved.
· Cannot pick up some items infirst-person mode: Players using locked first-person mode cannot pick up items unless they were items dropped by an enemy. To pick up other items, switch to standard (third-person) mode.
· ALT+TAB while running game: If you press ALT+TAB to return to the game, the screen may momentarily appear black. If you press ALT+TAB to access an in-game menu, then each menu item must be activated to refresh thescreen.
· ALT+TAB during escape sequence: If you press ALT+TAB to return to the game during the escape sequence, subsequent audio triggers will play out of order.
· Computer pauses if Metal Gear Solid button is right-clicked in Windows taskbar: If you right-click the Metal Gear Solid button in the Windows taskbar, the cursor disappears and the computer appears to hang. To restore the game, pressENTER.
Known hardware and operating system configuration issues are listed in this section. For issues with specific game controllers, see “D. Game Controller Issues.” For issues with specific 3D cards, see “E. 3D Card Issues.”
· Microsoft Intellitype Pro keyboard ARROW keys “stick” in first-person mode and when scrolling through inventory: With the Microsoft IntellitypePro keyboard, turning in first-person mode and scrolling through the inventory using an ARROW key will continue for a few seconds after the ARROW key is released. This occurs when the keyboard is connected to a USB port. To resolve, connect your keyboard to a serial port.
· Multiple monitors not supported: Metal Gear Solid does not support multiple monitors.
· No Voodoo 2 driver support forWindows 2000.
Known game controller issues are listed in this section.
· Gamepads with more than two triggers labeled incorrectly in Controller Options screen: If you are using a gamepad with more than two triggers, some triggers and buttons may be labeled incorrectly in the Controller Options screen. Make sure you have the latest program and/or drivers for your gamepad...
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