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How to Follow Workplace Safety Procedures
By Kimberly Cummings, eHow Contributor
Every workplace should have safety procedures in place.
All places of employment have various safety precautionsposted for each individual type of hazard that an employee may come in contact with or general safety procedure guidelines for problems such as natural disasters. Employers are required by law to havesafety precautions and procedures for any hazard posted that employees can easily read and follow. This information offers helpful instructions on how to follow the employer's safety proceduresproperly.

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* 1

Lookaround your workplace for any safety procedures and instructions and carefully inspect what the instructions apply to, such as medical instructions or tornado instructions.
* 2

Find thesupervisor and ask if you cannot find the specific safety procedures for the particular equipment you work with such as forklift safety guidelines or instructional sheets.
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Look for any safety drill or safety instructional class and ask totake any safety instruction your employer may offer.
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Find any safety equipment the instructions say you should be wearing at all times and make sure you follow the safety guidelines foryour job position at all times. If the safety instructions say you should always wear a gown and gloves when handling chemicals in your workplace, then you must make sure you know where they are keptand wear them each time you handle chemicals.
* 5

Look for the proper procedures on notifying supervisors and safety personnel if you do not have the proper equipment the safety procedures...
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