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IB Oral Presentation: Six Easy Steps to Success!

This presentation will count 15% toward your final IB score in English. It is based on a work or works studied in Part 4 of your syllabus.• Step 1: Choose a work from Part 4 of the syllabus. For us, that means:
o The Kite Runner
o Lord of the Flies
o All Quiet on the Western Front
o AStreetcar Named Desire

• Step 2: Choose a topic that reflects your personal interests. Topics may be based on any aspect of any of the work(s) studied, including:
o cultural settingof the work or related issues
o thematic focus
o characterization
o techniques and style
▪ NOTE: Just about any idea works for the oral presentation, aslong as it is based on one of the four books listed above. If you have any questions come and ask!

• Step 3: Choose a presentation format that suits the work you like best and the topic youhave chosen. Just like in the second world lit paper, you have the choice of either an expository presentation (that explains and analyzes) or a more creative presentation.
o If you feel“safer” working with an expository presentation, here are some thoughts. You could . . . .
▪ introduce a writer or a work, as if your audience were not familiar with your writer or yourwork.
• For example, you could introduce Khaled Hosseini to a group of readers, focusing on significant aspects of The Kite Runner and possibly include A Thousand Splendid Sunsas well, if you’d like
▪ explain a particular aspect of an author’s work
• For example, explain the use of lighting and sound in Tennessee Williams’ Streetcar▪ examine a particular interpretation of a work
• For example, find a criticism of Golding’s LOTF and explain that critic’s views of the novel and how...
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