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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2011
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There was once a hospital named The Peace in Heaven. It was in the middle of a life seemed to live in harmony with its surroundings. The hospital lay in longs hectares of land, which these landswere full of green grass and bunches of red, blue, yellow and white roses in summer, white clouds like cotton above the green lands. In winter, the lands were full of lightness snow and the people wholive close to it they build snow mans. So the people who were internee felt a very special Christmas. It was a perfect mornings and nights winter days.
Along the way to the hospital you could see allthe lands full of roses in different colors. They named it; the Rainbow way. The traveler’s and the people who lived there delight their eye through much beauty of the years.
The hospital was in afamous city called Beauty. This city as the name was everything beauty, even the patients in the hospital was handsome and pretty women. This city and hospital was perfect. Everything was ‘’peace’’.Until…
With out warning, a strange disease came over the area and everything changed. It was a powerful and dangerous that every patient at the hospital began to die and some of the community. Thisstrange disease killed millions of patients, doctor, nurses, nurse’s assistants and specialists. There had been several sudden and unexplained deaths not only in adults and children’s, the roses,lands, grass, and animals too.
With these strange stage in ‘’Peace in Heaven Hospital’’ and the community, everything was none. Everyone was gone. The people living there was stunned. It waslike a waterless desert. The several persons left at the hospital were having a difficult time; they were fighting thru that horrible disaster and their condition. No one was there to help them. Itwas an enormous ‘’Silent in the desert’’. All the roses were in heaven … No rainbow, no patients.
The lands were destroyed and killed by the strange disease. Scientists come by to make...
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