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In 1959, Lucinda Embry, a child, hears whispers as she stares at the sun. Later, Lucinda writes a page of seemingly random numbers to include in the school's time capsule, to be opened after 50years. She is later found in a closet, scratching numbers into the door.
Fifty years later, Caleb Koestler is a student at Lucinda's school. When the time capsule is opened, Caleb gets Lucinda's page ofnumbers. Jonathan Koestler, Caleb's widower father, is a professor of astrophysics at MIT. Hearing whispers, Caleb sees a mysterious stranger in the nearby trees. Looking at the numbers, Jonathannotices the sequence 911012996 and realizes it is a reference to the date and number of deaths from the September 11th attacks (9/11/01/2996). Jonathan finds similar information based on other numbers onCaleb's sheet. The last three dates on the page are in the near future, and there are sequences between the dates which he cannot understand.
Caleb receives more visits from mysterious strangers whogive him a small smooth stone, and show him visions of the world on fire.
On his way to pick up Caleb from school, Jonathan notices the coordinates on his GPS, realizing that the numbers on the screenmatch those on Lucinda's list. His fears are realized moments later when a passenger jet crashes within view of the highway. He now understands that Lucinda's numbers pinpoint the time and place ofdisasters.
Jonathan tracks down Lucinda's daughter, Diana, and her daughter Abby, but scares them away when he reveals his interest in Lucinda's predictions. Jonathan pinpoints the next disaster toWorth Street in lower Manhattan, guessing that it will be a terrorist attack. Hoping to forestall the disaster, he phones in a terror warning. Traveling to New York, Jonathan is shocked to find the areais not closed off. He pursues a man into a subway station suspecting him to be a terrorist, but he is only a shoplifter. At that same moment an approaching train derails, smashing into the station...
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