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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2010
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Would you like to live for ever? Wait dont answer, i already know the answer. But youre not thinking wiselly and i can prove it!!
the idea of living for ever it could be interesting butimagie that everyone had children, the world would be overpopulated and ther its going to finish the food and the water. Would you like that? Would you like to feel starved many das of your life? Idont think so..
also when theres overpopulation obviously theres going to be much more people but the same ammount of jobs so its increasing the unnemployment in the futer unemployed looking for jobs inthe street?
Maybe you are thinking, but if i lived forever i could do all the thngs that i couldnt do because i was out of time and i die... OK that would be awesome who wouldnt like to travel allover the world and meet all the famous guys of hollywood and football players you cannot meet living 100 simple years but what are you going to do when you finish doing all that things? do them again?and again? I promise you that that would get finally REALLY borring. And remember that every year it pass you are getting useless and useless because you can live forever but you are getting olderand older so your body its getting worst and worst.
Yes, you could live for ever but also you can die in a car accident or someone can kill you, because living forever doesnt mean youre inmortalleaving forever means you are not dying of old or about any disease so what happens if someone kills the woman you love or your any member of your familly? Are you going to suffer for ever? crying allday long because you are alone in this world ? that would be a terrible life for anyone and atleast i wouldnt like to live like that..
Its worthly to live for ever if you miss the people you love, youhave no job, you live in a tiny room just for 1 person like that cubicles that chinese use, you get useless and useless everyday it pass and finally you lived bored because you dont have anything...
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