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I will give you tips for saving water

Only use water strictly necessary.
Take short showers. Turn off the water while soaping.
Install hand shower, as it saves 10 to 19 liters per bathroom.Close the sink faucets while brushing teeth or shaving and preferably uses a glass of water.
Do not use the toilet as a wastebasket.
When using the machine put the maximum load allowed on each garment.Turn off the water while soaping dishes.
Wash the car using a bucket. Do not do with hose.
Water the garden from 8 pm to 7 am when the sun is not hard to avoid evaporation, so the plants will usemore water.
Use water-saving products.
Repair any leaks you have inside your home and reports on
073 Aquatel any leak you see in the street.

The large water users such as Industry, Trade, Hotelsand Restaurants, must also implement measures to help conserve water, such as:
Put water saving products. You can use valves that are activated by ultraviolet light to detect any body or faucetsto stop the flow to complete the amount of water that has been programmed to sink.

Place information on Efficient Water Use in bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and where deemed necessary by promotingthe advice and the report mentioned the leak in the receipt or box.

Do not put water on the table unless the customer requests it.

Train staff not to waste water in their daily activities. Wateruse in industry and trade is also very large as it can be raw material for the manufacture of some products such as bottlers and food manufacturers among others.

Yo les daré tips para cuidar elagua
Solamente utiliza el agua estrictamente necesaria.
Toma baños cortos. Cierra la llave mientras te enjabonas.
Instala regadera de mano, ya que se ahorra de 10 a 19 litros por baño.
Cierra lasllaves del lavabo mientras te lavas los dientes o te rasuras y de preferencia utiliza un vaso con agua.
No uses el sanitario como basurero.
Cuando uses la lavadora pon el máximo de ropa permitido...
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