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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2010
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Jair Alejandro Rivera Llanas.
Be culture Literate.
New program at radio of culture literacy update, in studio Jettrin from Thailand, Nadia from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Sujeet fromNepal.
Call 1.
Arturo from Montevideo, he question is what should know?
Jettrin answer, First taboo: Don’t touch anyone’s head, mot even a child’s.
Arturo: what’s wrong with touching someone’shead?
Jettrin: We believe the head is where the person’s soul lives.
Arturo: Any other tips?
Jettrin: Well, when you are seated, be sure not cross your legs in such a way that others can see thebottom of your foot.
Arturo: In Uruguay it’s customary to shake hands, and I know Thai people greet each other with the wai. Will it seem impolite for a foreigner to do the wai? And what happened if Idon’t do it right? Will that be offensive?
Jettrin: Absolutely not, just put the palms of your hands together on your chest and bow slightly.
Call 2.
Hiroko and Nadia, conversation of Dubai cultureHiroko: Can I walk on the street or drive a car? When we went to Saudi Arabia, women were not permitted to go out alone drive.
Nadia: Absolutely. As a woman traveler, you will have no difficultygetting around, even if you are alone. You can drive, and as long as you dress modestly, you can wear whatever you like.
Hiroko: Second question: I don’t speak any Arabic.
Nadia: Again, no problem. Asyou know, Arabic is the official language of Dubai, but English is commonly used in tourism and commerce.
Hiroko: You speak very good English, Nadia. Where did you learn it?
Nadia: I actually am anEnglish teacher. I learned my English in the United States.
Hiroko: Last question. Will I be to take pictures in Dubai?
Nadia: Well, yes, but you should know that it is considered offensive to takepictures of Muslim women here.
Hiroko: oh, I’m glad I asked. What about pictures of men?
Nadia: well, yes, just be sure to ask permission.
Call 3 Nepal culture.
Javier and Sujeet
Sujeet: Hi...
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