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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2010
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Domestic Violence

Violence, according to the dictionary, is an aggressive and brutal way of acting with the purpose of change or destroy something. Most of violence cases start at home. Thiskind of violence is called domestic violence. Psychologists define it as an act of power to submit any member of the family physically, verbally or emotionally. Its victims suffer psycological orphysical problems for the rest of their lives.
Violence presents as maltreatment in every way, and it can be from parents to children, from children to parents, from sibling to sibling, from husband towife and from wife to husband, or from any relative to other.
Violence manners:
Physical maltreatment: hitting, shoving, nipping, etc.
Verbal maltreatment: shouts and insults.
Economicmaltreatment: control of properties and goods, no compliment of home economic requirements or not to let others to work. Thereby there´s an economic dependence.
Psychological maltreatment: conditions, tointimidate, menaces, negligence, destructive comparisons, infidelity.
In any case, violence act against dignity and human rights. It destroys victims self-love, and it can cause different illnesses.Roots of the problem
Domestic violence can be generated by affective emptiness, any self-love, rage, bad experiences (as was a victim of violence), and, currently, because of the cultural systemthat makes believe violence is the only way to make people to obey and learn discipline, and mass media, who transmit lots of violent programs that make adults and children to see it as a normal aspectof life, and now it´s part of our routine. Now a days, parents do not proofread violence explaining that it´s bad, they want to eradicate violence with more violence, so children grow up believingit´s the right form to make what they want to come true, and that belief pass from generation to generation.

Social problem
Definitely, domestic violence is a social problem. Its consequences...
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