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E. Comprensión de un texto en lengua extranjera. (10 puntos: 5 puntos por
Reading comprehension.
Hi! My name is Li-Ning, I am Chinese and I come from a small village in the South ofChina
in the state of Yunnan. Now, I live with my family in a big city in Spain. I am 17. We came to
Spain six years ago.
I can speak Chinese and I am learning Spanish and English (my English is quitegood and I
can manage very well in Spanish). I get up very early every morning and I go to school.
Our life is Spain is very different from our life in China. Schools here are very different, theyare
much noisier than in China. Food is very different, too. I like Spanish food, but in my house we
usually eat Chinese food. My mother is and excellent cook, in fact she works in a Chineserestaurant. My father works at the restaurant, too, but he doesn’t cook.
12. True or false: (5 puntos)
a. Li-Ning lives in Yunnan. True False
b. Schools in Spain are noisier than schools in China. TrueFalse
c .Li’s mother works in a shop. True False
d. Li came to Spain with her family in 2002. True False
d. She can speak three languages. True False
13. Choose the right Word: (5 puntos)a.- Li ……………….. Spanish food.
A) never eats B) doesn’t like C) likes
b.- Li’s family live ……………
A) in a small city B) in the South of Spain C) in a city in Spain
c.- Li gets up very early ………..A) and goes to school B) and works at home C) and studies
d.- Cooks work at ……………
A) Offices B) Restaurants C) Supermarkets
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e.- Li’s father does not ………
A)work at the restaurant B) cook C) speak Spanish
F. Conocimiento de la lengua extranjera. (20 puntos: 2 puntos por pregunta)
14. Completa con la opción correcta: (20 puntos: 2 puntos por cada respuestacorrecta)
a. London is ….....………… Granada.
A) bigger than B) more big than C) more big that
b. Rafa Nadal is …...………… in Spain.
A) the best tennis player B) the goodest tennis player C) the most...