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Once upon a time a young very beautiful I had no parents, but stepmother a widow wit two daugthers, one more ugly than the other. It was she who did the hardest jobs of the house and as hisclothes were always so stained ash, everybody called her Cinderella.
One day the Prince of that one country announced it would give one great feast to wich will invited all the marriageable youngkingdom.
You Cinderella, will not go - told the stepmother-. You'll be mopping the floor and preparing dinner for when we return.
So came the day of the dance and saw Cinderella inconsolable to herstepsisters go to the Royal Palace.
when found single in the kitchen she could not suppress her sobs.
Why I will be so unhappy? -she exclaimed-
Suddenly there appeared her Fairy Godmother.
Don'tworry -Exclaimed the fairy-. You too can go to the dance, but on one condition, that when the clock of Palace give struck twelve will have to return without fail. And touching it with his magic wandthe transformed into a wonderful young, besides transformed a pumpkin into a beautiful float to go to the dance.
Cinderella's arrival to Palace caused deep admiration. Upon entering the ballroom,the Prince was so charmed with her beauty who danced with her all the night.

Her stepsisters not the recognized and wondered who would be that girl.
In the midst of so much happiness Cinderellasound heard on the clock the Palace, were twelve oclock.

Oh, my God! I have to go! -She Exclaimed-

As a exhalation crossed the lounge, down the stairs lost in his flight a shoe, that Princepicked amazed.
To find the beautiful girl, the Prince had a plan.
Marry with that could put on the shoe.
Sent his messengers to go all the Kingdom.
The maids it proved in vain, because for therewas not one who would stay the shoe.
At last they came home from Cinderella, and of course their stepsisters could not wedge the shoe; but when Cinderella put it watched in amazement he entered...
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