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B. Define:
Pathogens: are microscopic organisms like viruses, fungi, protozoa, and bacteria that can invade the human body, potentially causing disease.
Immune system: all cells and organs in yourbody that protect you from disease, consisting of the skin, specialized blood cells, organs like the lymph nodes, thymus, spleen, and tonsils, as well as secretions; the immune system is responsiblefor protecting the body from microscopic invaders.
Infectious disease: illnesses caused by pathogens that spread from one person to others; infectious diseases can be passed through a handshake, akiss, a sneeze, or by an infected person handling food that is eaten by other people.
Lymphocytes: white blood cells that respond to specific pathogens most make antibodies; the lymphocytes develop inthe lymphatic system though they originate in bone marrow; they can change shape and move out of the vessels into other parts of the body.
Antibodies: proteins produced by B cells in response toforeign invaders in the blood stream; antibodies fit into the invader’s surface and disable it.
Antigens: a foreign substance in the body that triggers the immune system into action; most antigens areproteins and are usually found on the surface of pathogens.
Antibiotic: a medication that can slow the growth of disease.
Vaccine: the preparation to immunize against a disease.
C. Matching:
1.a foreign substance invading body A. Immune - 4
2. white blood cell B. T-cell - 9
3. waterproof covering C. B-cell - 7
4. protected from illness D. Antigen - 1
5. attack selfE. Macrophage
6. heat F. Skin - 3
7. works with antibodies G. Inflammation - 10
8. commands the T and B-cells H. Leukocyte - 2
9. attacks infected cells directly I.Lymphocyte - 8
10. “big eater” J. Autoimmunity – 5

D. Circle the letter and the word that does NOT fit:

1. Pathogen
a. splinter b. bacteria c. virus d. fungi
2. Inflammation Response
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