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1. Download Daemon tools or Magic ISO, you can google the program names in order to get a download link.

2. In your system tray, simply rightclick on theicon (silver circle with a blue zap) and select mount image.

3. Browse the downloaded KoToR2 folder and mount the imagine in CD1

4. Start the installation and when asked toinsert the next CD simply click on your deamon tools icon again, select mount image, browse the CD2 folder and select. Etc etc with CD3+4

5. Update the game, you want thelatest patch, also check out http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/files/Knights_of_the_Old_Republic;67index for restored content and incredibly perfect and updated addonsand hidden game content.

6. Copy the crack from the download folder into your SWkotor2 directory and play the game. If the crack doesn't work, you can get another one fromgamecopyworld.com


This is a very unstable game, and just like SWkotor1 it is full og bugs and errors. Newer graphic hardware AND software is not compatiblewith these old games and user may experience a lot of trouble while attempting to play or boot the game.

Solution: Latest software and hardware forces games to run with newprogramming, however it is possible to disable.

---- In ur kotor folder, you have to find the SWkotor file, not the exe but the .ini
It is a 3kb file which you can open withNotepad

When you open it, scroll down to [Graphic Options] and after the command lines under this section add the following line:
Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1

This fixworks for Windows XP 32-64 as well as Vista.

(Vista may need a additional crack and dos file in order to run the game, but such can be downloaded and found on google as well)
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