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  • Publicado : 4 de febrero de 2011
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Following the dreams

A small caterpillar walked a day towards the sun. Near the road was a cricket; Where you going? Asked the cricket. The caterpillar answer, I had a dream last night Idreamed that from the tip of the great mountain I watched the entire valley. I liked what I saw in my dream and I decided to do it. Surprised, the cricket said while his friend walked away, you mustbe crazy!, How will you get to that place?, Your just a caterpillar! A stone will be a mountain, a little pool will be a sea and any trunk will be a barrier. But the caterpillar was far away and nothears him, her tiny body is not stopped moving.

Suddenly he heard the voice of a spider: Where are you going so hard? Sweating and the worm, said breathlessly: I had a dream and I want to do, climbthat mountain and from there look around our world. The spider could not stand the laughter, burst out laughing and then said, "Neither I, with legs as big, try to make something as ambitious and waslying on the floor laughing while the snail went his way, having already gone a few centimeters.
Similarly, other of his friend advised him to withdraw, will not succeed again! He was told, butinside there was a momentum that forced him to follow. Depleted, exhausted and near death, decided to stop to rest and build with his last effort overnight facilities. "I'll be better," was the last thingsaid and died.

All animals of the valley were to look at his remains, there was the wildest animal of the village, his tomb was built as a monument to folly, and there was a rough shelter, worthyof one who died for wanting to make a dream.
One morning when the sun shone in a special way, all the animals gathered around what had become a warning for the bold. Suddenly they were astonished,that hard shell began to crack and saw eyes in astonishment, and an antenna could not be that of the caterpillar thought dead, little by little, to give them time to recover from the impact, were...
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