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Netball is a ball sport played between two teams, each team has got 12 players but it is only played by 7 people each team. The sport shares similarities with basketball, having beenderived from early versions of women's basketball. It develope as a distinct sport in the 1980s in England, from where it spread to other countries. Netball is popular in Commonwealthnations and ispredaminantly played by women.

Games are played on a rectangular court which is 30'5 meters long and 15'25 meters wide and it is divided in three parts, there are a central circle of 0'9 meters and twosemicircles of goal with a radius of 4'9 meters. The aim is for teams to score goals, by passing a ball and shooting it into the opposing team's goal. Players are assignes positions that define theirrole within the team and restrict their movement on court, the positions are:Goal Keeper (GK), Goal Defense (GD), Wing Defense (WG), Center (C), Goal Attac (GA), Wing Attack (WG) and GoalShooter(GS). During general play, a player with the ball can take no more than one step before passing it, and must pass the ball or shoot for goal within three seconds. Goals can only be scored by the assignedshooting players, which are the Goal Shooter and the Goal Attack, you only can shoot to the ring from the Goal Circle, the players can´t leave of their area, you can't touch the other player when sherecive the ball the opponent can be nearer than a yard (almost a meter), each player can only be mark by an aasigned opponent, Goal Keeper can be only mark to Goal Shooter and the netball games are60 minutes long, divided into 15-minute quarters, at the end of which the team with the most goals scored wins.

The sport is administered globally by the International Federation of NetballAssociations(IFNA), and is reportedly played by over 20 million people in more than 70 countries. Local-level participation is widespread in Commonwealth nations, particularly in schools, although...
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