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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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There are too many different social networks nowadays, one of the more popular is twitter, twitter is like the others social networks they have advantages and disadvantaged, youcan make friends, have fun and keep connected with people all over the world, but not all is fun, all the social networks are kind of dangerous, but if you use them carefully you won't have anyproblem.

With more than a million users twitter is one of the most important social networks nowadays along with facebook, they are usually fun but the fun over when you wonder is this person the same ageas mine? Or is this real? We can't know if someone we talk is a good person or a dangerous one, they are so many disadvantages on twitter but advantages too, like you can talk with persons all overthe world, the bad thing is that we don't know them and we don't know if we can trust this person and tell them our personal things, one of the good things on twitter is that you can "follow" artists,yes artists, twitter have the capacity to give persons the chance to know where is or what are they doing, the bad thing is that maybe you can find false information, something that you probablybelieve but is not true, you have to be very CAREFUL with this thing, we can maybe lose our privacy and let people to know our personal thing, that means we have to think the things that we write beforepublish there, another good thing is that you can share opinions here and you can discuss every kind of thing with a lot of people, Now also people have events that involves not only socialize but alsopromote, communicate and spread their use, you don’t have to worry about not knowing how to use it, if you've ever talked alone, you already know how to use it, twitter is mostly for people that liketo have their ''personal diary'', is not boring at all, probably your friends already have a twitter account and you can talk with them, the popularity of twitter is mostly because artists created a...
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