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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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There are a lot of different styles that we can see, some styles are weir another is very common but the question is: What style do you use? Maybe you answer – No I don’t have anystyle, it’s my own style. But let me see, some of your clothes are made by a designer that have a “style” so every clothes have it.
Punk style
Is a rocker style a very strong fashion that was soinfluenced by a lot of punk bands like The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The clash etc. It’s a different style that revels that they want to be free and do very different things that what the society do.
So,see the next image:
Is sadness style, they usually use black color in their clothes. The make up is one of the most important element of the outfit, like the hair and the clothes. Thestyle burn with the gothic rock, and its best known like dark culture.
[pic] [pic]

Marilian Molina Aguilar 2638133
They only use the latest shout of the mode, they combine perfectlytheir clothes and only wear clothes from famous designers, they try to have everything perfect and respect every rule of fashion. The fashionist clothes are inspired by the pop culture and are veryexternal and material.
[pic] [pic]
Is the most comfortable style, they usually wear jeans with comfortable shoes, t-shirts etc. they don’t follow every fashion rules, and the colors are notperfectly combined, is very easier to use and very common in the world most of people use it.
[pic] [pic]
They use long dresses, tennis, shirts etc. They conserve the body and don’t reveala lot of parts from their skin, are common in old people and famous people that want to call the attention.
[pic] [pic]
The style burn in the 60’s from a contra cultural movement. Thisstyle is very ecological, friendly with the nature and uses signs that make it identify easily, like the rainbows, signs of love and peace, hearts and every colorful elements. They do their own...