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Replacement Instructions VPCCA Series Hard Disk IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU START
These easy instructions will guide you through the Hard Drive replacement process.  Before you begin, placeyour notebook computer on a clean or covered surface to avoid damage to the computer's case.*  Follow the ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) damage prevention instructions: o o Hold parts by the edges,away from exposed circuitry when possible. Do not walk around excessively as this promotes static build-up.

 Before you begin, remove any jewelry you may be wearing to prevent scratches to thesurface of your notebook computer.*  The appearance of the electronic components shown in the illustrations may differ from the components shipped. This slight difference does not affect the accuracy ofthese instructions. * Sony is not responsible for damage caused by incorrect handling of the notebook computer.


2. 3.
Lift here to remove the battery

Hard Drive Door

Prepare the ComputerCAUTION: Make sure the Computer is turned off, the lid is closed, and the AC Adapter is disconnected. Failure to do so can result in damage to the Computer. Step 1. Place the Computer upside down ona protected surface with the front edge facing you.

Battery Pack Removal
Step 2:
1) Slide the “LOCK” battery tab up to the unlock position. 2) With your left thumb, slide the “RELEASE” batterytab up and hold.

Hard Drive Removal (Steps 3-7)
Step 3. Using the enclosed magnetic screwdriver, remove the two (2) screws securing the Hard Drive Door. Put the screws aside to re-secure the HardDrive Door later in the procedure.

3) Insert your right thumb in the battery
notch and lift the battery up to remove.

FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT IN THE US CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-651-7669 FROM 9:00 AMTO 11:00 PM EST P/N 989202605 Rev. B 1/4

Replacement Instructions VPCCA Series Hard Disk

Step 4. Locate the tab at the bottom of the Hard Drive door. Insert your finger under the Tab and lift...
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