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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2011
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1. What image does each of the products Bavaria offers have in your mind?
a. How do you think this image came to be? Give your opinion and thoughts.
I think the pictures goaccording to the time that is living, promotions are created according to each special moment in the year for example Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day, Children's Day, New Year love and friendship, sothe brands are also creating or evolving.

b. How do you think this image influences the segmentation of Bavaria’s customer base?
I think it involved a lot, because each image, promotion, brand,offers a quality that offers customers a loyalty for each image, it starts to qualify so strategically and know what he likes most to the customer.

Question 3:

1. What are they interested in?a. What do Bavaria’s customers want?
I think in Bavaria more than a simple client, Bavaria search privileges, this is because each time is more innovation in their products so that thecustomer wants not only the loyalty of them, also to be comfortable with the new offerings and promotions in conclusion do what a client search
Why does Bavaria have customers?
Bavaria has providers thatserve both its production line, economic, and innovative and also with distributors who market to establish a line across the country to sell their products and so do come to our homes thus giving asupply chain that makes demand more comfortable buying the product.

What is it that Bavaria is offering?

Bavaria offers the country a variety drinking products from soft drinks to drinking suchas beer, which means that market traps people of all ages and all tastes.

in conclusion Bavaria is a good example of starting a business and a good reference to start on theinternational market is a good way to learn how to take into account factors such as environment, human rights, social marketing all finally learn the logistics organized do they have to satisfy the customer...
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