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The Crucible Summary
“The Crucible” is a play about the Salem witchcraft trials on Massachusetts Bay in the Colonial America in the spring of 1632. During this time New England was governed byPuritans. The American playwright Arthur Miller used the real facts occurred in the Colonial America to write the story, the characters and the outcome to denounce the persecution they are subjected topeople suspected of "un-American activities" in an episode of U.S. history rightly known as "witch trials." During this “hunting”, Senator McCarthy questioned numerous people from various areas of publiclife and culture, many of whom were imprisoned and executed. In the 50's, in the effervescence of the “witch trials”, Miller showed great courage in publishing this work, knowing that this wouldcause him to be investigated and harassed by the absurd committee led by McCarthy.
“The Crucible” is divided into four acts and is a very intense and dramatic work in the emotional sense of the word. Itnot only portrays the delusional view developed in Salem against some innocent villagers, but that trial is the pretext for bringing to light the true causes of complaints: greed, jealousy, personalhatred, and even lust. Worst of all is that the court just blindly believing the allegations of a wild adolescent, and these charges lead people to prison and the gallows. Suddenly, towards the end ofthe work, you realize one thing: everyone knows that witchcraft accusations are false accusers, witnesses, defendants... Unfortunately, the only one who ends up believing that the devil has set footin Salem is the court, which leads fatally to the implementation of several of the defendants.
The drama begins with a scene in the small bedroom at the home of Reverend Parris. It's the morning afterBetty and Abigail, daughter and niece of Reverend, were discovered dancing in the forest with other girls and Tituba, the black slave. Betty has fallen ill. Concerned, Parris questions Abigail...
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