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GU (General Use)-E Type 1-Channel (Form B) 4-pin Type FEATURES
4.78 .188 6.4 .252 3.2 .126


3. Compact 4-pin DIP size The device comes in a compact (W)6.4×(L)4.78×(H)3.2mm (W).252×(L).188×(H).126inch, 4-pin DIP size 4. Controls low-level analog signals PhotoMOS relays feature extremely low closed-circuit offset voltage to enable control of low-level analogsignals without distortion. 5. High sensitivity, low ON resistance Can control a maximum 0.13 A load current with a 5 mA input current. Low ON resistance of 18Ω (AQY410EH). Stable operation because there are no metallic contact parts. 6. Low-level off state leakage current

4.78 .188

6.4 .252 2.9 .114

mm inch

1. Low on resistance for normallyclosed type This has been realized thanks tothe builtin MOSFET processed by our proprietary method, DSD (Double-diffused and Selective Doping) method. Cross section of the normally-closed type of power MOS
Cross section of the normally-closed type of power MOS

Passivation membrane Intermediate Source electrode Gate electrode insulating membrane Gate oxidation membrane


  ,   ,
2 3
N+ P+ N+ N+P+ N+ N–

Drain electrode


2. Reinforced insulation 5,000 V type More than 0.4 mm internal insulation distance between inputs and outputs. Conforms to EN41003, EN60950 (reinforced insulation).


• Modem • Telephone equipment • Security equipment • Sensors


Part No. Output rating* I/O isolation voltage Load voltage AC/DC type Reinforced 5,000 V 350V 400 V Load current 130 mA 120 mA Through hole terminal Tube packing style AQY410EH AQY414EH AQY410EHA AQY414EHA Surface-mount terminal Tape and reel packing style Picked from the Picked from the 1/2-pin side 3/4-pin side AQY410EHAX AQY410EHAZ AQY414EHAX AQY414EHAZ Packing quantity


Tape and reel

1 tube contains 100 pcs. 1,000 pcs. 1 batch contains 1,000 pcs.

*Indicate the peakAC and DC values. Note: For space reasons, the initial letters of the product number "AQY", the SMD terminal shape indicator "A" and the package type indicator "X" and "Z" are omitted from the seal.

1. Absolute maximum ratings (Ambient temperature: 25°C 77°F)
Item LED forward current LED reverse voltage Input Peak forward current Power dissipation Load voltage (peak AC) Continuous loadcurrent Output Peak load current Power dissipation Total power dissipation I/O isolation voltage Temperature Operating limits Storage Symbol IF VR IFP Pin VL IL Ipeak Pout PT Viso Topr Tstg AQY410EH (A) 50 mA 3V 1A 75 mW 350 V 0.13 A 0.4 A 400 V 0.12 A 0.3 A AQY414EH (A) Remarks

f = 100 Hz, Duty factor = 0.1%

100 ms (1 shot), VL= DC

500 mW 550 mW 5,000 V AC –40°C to +85°C –40°F to +185°F–40°C to +100°C –40°F to +212°F

Non-condensing at low temperatures


2. Electrical characteristics (Ambient temperature: 25°C 77°F)
Item LED operate (OFF) current Input LED reverse (ON) current LED dropout voltage On resistance Output Off state leakage current Operate (OFF) time* Maximum Maximum ILeak Toff Ton Ciso Riso 1.0 ms 3.0 ms 0.3 ms 1.0 ms 0.8 pF 1.5 pF 1,000MΩ 0.2 msTypical Maximum Minimum Typical Typical Maximum Typical Ron Symbol IFoff IFon VF AQY410EH (A) 1.4 mA 3.0 mA 0.4 mA 1.3 mA 1.2 mA 1.14 (1.25 V at IF = 50 mA) 1.5 V 18Ω 25Ω 10µA 0.8 ms 26Ω 35Ω AQY414EH (A) 1.3 mA Condition IL=Max. IL=Max. IF = 5 mA IF = 0 mA IL = Max. Within 1 s on time IF = 5 mA VL = Max. IF = 0 mA-->5 mA IL = Max. IF = 5 mA-->0 mA IL = Max. f =1MHz VB =0 500 V DC For type ofconnection, see page 32. *Operate/Reverse time

Typical Maximum Typical Reverse (ON) Transfer char- time* Maximum acteristics Typical I/O capacitance Maximum Initial I/O isolaMinimum tion resistance

Note: Recommendable LED forward current IF = 5 to 10mA.



10% 90% Toff Ton

s For Dimensions, see Page 27. s For Schematic and Wiring Diagrams, see Page 32. s For Cautions for...
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