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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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Good morning miss and classmates , my name is and today I am going to talk about “my best friend”First of all , I want to say that my best friend is , she was born on July 26 of 1996 , she is 15 years old , she lives with hermother Loreto , his father Eugenio , his brother Eugenio and sister Catalina in Chiguayante .She is my friend since kinder . To begin with herfavorite hobbie is speak and read , her favorite music is pop-rock and romantics , her favorite group of music is one direction , simple plan , los bunkers and her favorite song aremore than this and stereo heart , her favorite sport is basketball and she practice with me , her favorite subject are history and Spanish , her favorite movie is “en busca de lafelicidad”, her favorite food is pizza , her favorite animal are the lion because he is the king of all animals and the parrot because she talks so much and her favorite country isGreece for history. Loreto is small , she has brown straight hair and brown eyes , she is respectful andcreative and her weaknesses are awful and lazy. Her dreams are study laws or ambassador of Chile , she want to be married and shehas 4 children , and she want to be happy in her life. And finally I want to say that Loreto is very different to me but we have been friends for along time and so she is special to me and to summarize Loreto is not my friend is my sister.
Thank for your attention
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