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¿Where are we willing to go for ambition? Maybe there are people that for ambition are able to do anything for a couple of dollars more but alsothere are people who can quit when they realize that are things more important that money, for example brotherhood. In the movie called ‘Rainman’ anambicious man who had lost his father recently and go where his brother Raymond who is on a clinic because he is autistic. Charlie wanted the moneyhis father left, but this money was for Raymond and he needed the money and to get it he ‘kidnap’ Raymond, but he realize that stay with Raymond itwasn’t going to be easy because Raymond had a rutine and a schedule that he followed strictly and this won’t be easy for Charlie.
Charlie at firsttreated Raymond very bad because he didn’t understand all the care that he needed, because his dissability. After a while he realized that hisdisabillities didn’t be an impediment for him because ¡he was brilliant!, and Charlie started to be more tolerant with Raymond, not extremely but he wasmore tolerant, also he realized that Raymond was ‘Rain man’ and after that moment Charlie knows that he have to be with Raymond because he didn’twant to stay without Raymond, they went for a long time, and now he want to be with him. He realized that he loved his brother and now was time to staywith each other and now instead of the money that he wanted and because he had ‘kidnapped’Raymond, because they have made a really family bond
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