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  • Publicado : 19 de agosto de 2012
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Cristobal Bravo: the soldier 
Fernanda Liberona :The fish/ mom of the kid
Jose Vera : the rat/ kid owner the soldier
Belen Mora: grandmother
Patricio Ruiz: spriped Box / fisher man
Seba Leiva: the boy who found the soldier\narration 
Fran Castro: little dancer 

Seba: once upon a time there was a little boy who had a cardboard box with 25 tinsoldier. There were all the same except one
He had only one leg ...

Cris: I'm the tin soldier. I have 24 brothers and all of us live in a cardboard box. My owner have a few toys and one of them is a big castle... 
He has the beautiful toy , a cardboard dancer. She is like me, she only have one leg. 
But she leave in a castle ... And I have only a cardboard box. Sometimes I speak with here but Inever gonna like her :(

Seba: at the midnight all the toys came out to play. And one night , when the toys were playing the jack-in-the-box came up and growled at the tin soldier ....

Pato: you !! The one leg soldier , I been looking at you , stop staring at the girl in the castle !! I hope don’t have to say this again !! 

Cris: what??
Pato: what you hear!! Stop looking at the dancerin the castle, she is not for you !!

seba: the next morning
Feña: hey son ... can you give me a favor?
Seba : yes mom? 

Feña: can you clean your room please ? 

Seba: but mom… I cleaned last week
Feña: I try to be nice , but it didn’t work , you will clean your room , is your obligation

Seba : okay mom but I wont clean it again :( ( he start to clean his room and put the littlesoldier on the window ) 

Seba N: the kid clean all of his toys , he put the dancer in front of the castle , the jack-in-the-box on the table and the soldier on the window ,we'll never know if it was the wind or the jack -in-the-box that pushed him off, but suddenly he was tumbling down outside of the house.
Seba: mom , did you see my soldier ?
Feña: no , why ?
Seba: because I put it here , butis not there.
Feña. That’s why I made you clean your room but as always , you never hear you mom.
Seba: but mom , I cleaned up.
Feña: I don’t know son , I didn’t go in your room


P1: so , how is work?
P2: the same than every day , boring and exhausted.
P1: at least you have one , I lost my yesterday
P2: ooh … that sucks.

P1: hey! Look, what is that? 

P2: I don't know?What do you think ?

P1: ( they go and take a look ) let’s take a look
Oooh ... Is a soldier.,

P2S: it has only one leg ... hahahha

P1S : let's see if he can swim with one leg ..( they make a paper boat ) 

Seba: they made a paper boat and put the little soldier on the boat and throw the boat on the water running on the side of the street after the rain , the boat rusheddown into a big black drain. 

Cris: it's really dark here , I can't see anything . I don't know where I am :( , where I'll go and the bad things that are coming but I'll continue ... Just for you my little dancer 

Seba : the tin soldier traveled for a long time through the pips , was really dark there and de soldier was scared , suddenly … 

Jose : I'm the Rat !! I'm thesecurity guy ....no one can go throw here, Where is your passport ? 

Cris: (dont say anything)
Seba: the soldier in the boat rushed on in the strong current and out into the daylight , the boat started to sink and when the soldier didn’t have any hopes something happened …
Seba: when the soldier was out …
(Toys playing )
Pato: this is so much better without the lame ajajaj ( the toyskeep talking and playing )
Fran : have you seen the soldier …
Feña: why you care so much about that ugly soldier!! Let it go.
Fran : :( :( why no one like him ( run away )
Pato: hahaha that was a good one. Now, let’s continues
( jose run after the dancer)
Fran: do you know where is the tin soldier ?
Belen: which one ?
Fran: the best one , one with one leg <3
Belen: no , I didn’t...
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