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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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Personal Reflection

What I learn is that chemistry helps other sciences and industries all the time, chemistry principles contribute to stuffy physics, biology, agriculture,
engineering,medicine, special investigation, oceanography etc.
that chemistry and physics are related because both of them are based on the properties of matter.
That the biological processes are based on the chemicalnature ,metabolism on food give energy to all the living things and that is a chemical property , maybe chemistry help us in most be everything.
The knowledge of the molecular structure of
-proteins,Hormones ,Enzymes ,And nucleic acids, are helping the biologists in their investigations of the reproduction of living cells
Chemistry is also important because have a role in the decrease of foodin the world chemistry are changing so many lives and in the agriculture are helping increasing the farm production with fertilizers and pesticides ,chemistry improve seeds and that’s the role thatchemistry plays in the agriculture.
Chemistry produce nutrients but they are synthetic; they are a lot of things that chemistry is changing in the agriculture.
They are new advances in medicine andchemotherapy they contribute to make longer the life and relief human pain.
Every industry depend on chemical products like petroleum, steel, pharmaceutical, electronics, transport, cosmetics,clothing,
aeronautics and television industries.
i learn the main uses of copper , copper is a very versatile non-ferrous metal, its most prominent features are very high thermal and electrical conductivityis very resistance and easy machinability.
Copper provides essential services inside equipment in houses, offices , commercial and industrial buildings.
The main uses of silicon
Is the principalcomponent of most semiconductor devices , and we use them to make microchips and circuits , we make ipods computers , calculators and TV’s

The main uses of petroleum:
We use them to make the...
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