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PhotoImpact 7 sample images licensing

The sample images provided with PhotoImpact 7 are from a variety of sources and therefore with different license agreements. This means that some of the images can be used for most purposes you want, others can only be used in practice, presentations or internal documents.

None of the images can be re-distributed in any format, such as part of aclip-art library or where the intrinsic value of the distributed article is created by the images themselves.

In cataloging the images, we have specified the copyright owner (and thus the licensing status) in the copyright field and also in the keywords field. If you want to purchase original images or find out further information about your rights, please contact us at one of the followingaddresses:

Ulead Systems, Inc.
2F. No. 358 Neihu Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. 20000 Mariner Ave. Suite 200 Torrance, CA 90503
Tel: +886 2 2659 7588 Tel: (310) 896 6388
Fax: +886 2 2659 7388 Fax: (310) 896 6389
E-mail: info@ulead.com.tw E-mail: info@ulead.com

You will find the following copyright owners:

Description field Keyword
Action Image Bank AIBBeachWare, Inc. BW
Kagema AG KAG
Arthur Pro Photographer APP
Ulead Systems, Inc. USI

Huang Ting-Sheng Photographer
4F-5, No.20, Changchan Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Tel: +886 2 521-5401
Fax: +886 2 521-6645

The images from Action Image Bank, Beachware, and Ulead Systems, as an integral part of the PhotoImpact package, are partially covered by the PhotoImpact license agreement. In additionto that agreement, the following applies:

make copies and use these images on one computer at one time.
use these images in presentations or other services for yourself or a third-party.

use the images to create a product to be distributed or sold (for example a poster or a postcard).
leave copies of the images on more than one computer at any one time.

inform your customers of these restrictions and rights if you give them a product or presentation containing an image from Ulead PhotoImpact 7.

The images from Kagema all come from the Kagema PhotoLib® library, a collection of tens of thousands of images. This library contains images with a variety of copyrights and usage codes, but we have only provided images with the Kagemacopyright and the usage code U. (For further information about individual images, please refer to the card files (or the cardfile.txt file) on the CD-ROM. This usage code, the copyrights, and the full Kagema license agreement are explained below:

PhotoLib® copyright, license and usage rights.

All PhotoLib® photographs are protected by copyright.

You are granted a license to use thesephotographs. THE LICENSE IS NON-TRANSFERABLE TO ANYONE ELSE! Any use not permitted by the license is illegal and can be prosecuted. Read the license agreements carefully to know your rights and obligations.
Does this sound intimidating? Well it is not. Just follow the simple rules and guidelines below. And please read the license agreement carefully!

use the PhotoLib® images on one computer.copy PhotoLib® images from CD-ROM to your hard disk.
print PhotoLib® images.
include PhotoLib® images in presentations and multimedia.
provide a third-party with a service (for example prepare a presentation for a customer) which includes a PhotoLib® image.

fulfill the obligations applying to individual images as defined by the Usage Code for the image.

YOU SHOULD:adhere to the ethical guidelines described below.

install PhotoLib® on two or more computers at the same time.
use PhotoLib® images to create products which are sold (posters, calendars, books, or similar)


The description for each PhotoLib® image in the CARDFILE.TXT file or corresponding Windows Cardfile (in the CARDFILE directory) contains one of several...