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Let´s answer some questions!

Name: Ximena Goñez
1 Which is the social network that has more registered users?Facebook is the social network with more registered users. Facebook has 908.000.000 users.
2 What is the problem with social networks in the realworld? Social networks are in principle very useful as they allow you to connect with childhood friends, classmates, other new people to meet, etc..but can cause problems. The main problems can occur, as happens in more traditional media, lack of privacy and safety in the treatment of thedata. Another major problem is the children and minors. Many of these platforms do not provide any mechanism for controlling certain age.
3 What isTWITTER? twitter es un una red social que permite subir pensamientos, frases, cosas que estas haciendo, etc. Tambien esta red social te permiteseguir a famosos, a tus amigos, a la gente que quieras, enterarte de lo que estan haciendo a tiempo real. Es una red social muy conocida por todos yen mi opinion esta muy buena.
4 What is a BLOG? A blog is a personal diary, a way to express their personal opinions for everyone. Every blogowner is customized as you wish, there are millions of them in different shapes and sizes. A blog is like a website where the user writes regularlyon any topic. The good thing about the blog is that you can upload opinions if anyone tell you anything, but can comment on or review of it.
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