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CASO: “Pepe’s” PIZZA

Pepe’s Pizza operates a delivery service and pickup counter. For students and sport fans, Pepe’s Pizza makes the best pizzas in town. Sr. Salami, the Owner, wants to improvehis ordering and delivery system and asks for your help in describing his needs. Here is what he wants.


Orders can be taken:

➢ Over the phone

When a call arrives, thephone system transmits the phone number to the computer system. If the number is already registered in the files, the system will display the name, address and preferences of the customer. Of course,the clerk can update information if any change is required. For a new customer, the infromation will be captured(name, address, etc). The order will be entered and invoice will be produced containingthe cost and taxes calculated and the date and time of the order registered. A copy of the invoice will be printed and will serve as a work order for the kitchen. The same copy will be put on thepizza box for delivery. The order takes the status: “in preparation”

➢ When a customer presents himself at the counter

The clerck will put the mention: “Counter Order” on the order. For therest, the process is siimilar to the one described above, without the need to create a new customer file each time.


When the preparation of the order is completed by the kitchen, the orderis put in a box, the invoice is attached to it and the order is handled to the delivery clerk. The order status is changed to > and the timestamp is recorded by the system.

Orders at the counterare given to the customer after payment and the event is recorded by the system. The status is changed to and the timestamp is recorded by the system.

Orders to be delivered are given to a driver.The status is changed to > and the timestamp is recorded.

When the delivery is done, the driver via his mobile phone contacts the system and the system changes the status to > and the timestamp is...
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