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Analysis of a piece of Art

Technical Support:
It was done on . The weren’t specially prepared. The was fully painted.
It was done with oils. Thebrushstrokes are visible. Its representation is Rational and Controlled (related to cubism and Geometrysm).
Characteristics of the composition- It is abstract. The character of the composition isstatic. In the composition, there predominate many squares with circles inside of them, of similar same size but different colours, most of them are yellow, red, orange or green. In the background thefigures are well outlined.
Types of lines- There are curved, spiral, vertical and horizontal lines.
Shape- The shapes are closed, both strong and contrasting as weak contrasts, rigid and soft.Value- The values are chromatic, high (light values), low (dark values), and both very as little contrasted.
Colour- The colours used are warm, cold, analogues, primary, secondary, tertiary, saturated(pure colours), desaturated (colours mixed with white or black) .The palette is non-limited (many colours).
I can see quite a few (twelve) squares of similar size with circles insidethem but different colours, yellow, red, orange and green predominate. The squares are separated by thin lines, or simply, colour’s contrast. It is has an influence of geometrical abstraction. The worksigns the ideas of the artist of a liberal futurist way of showing the freedom and variety of colours. The artist used paintbrushes to do the work with oils over .
It has beendesigned in a liberal futurist way of putting different squares together with thin lines that connect them a put them all together forming a chessboard-like structure. Oils have been chosen to exposefreely, variously, and oddly many different colours of life. Almost all colours of the squares contrast with each other and divide the piece of art perfectly, in this modern liberal abstraction. The...
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