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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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A R G U M E N T A T I O N - In Favor

Imagine being on a waiting list with your life on hold, not knowing what will happen next, reduced to merely number, standing in a line that seemsendless, an endeavor that appears hopeless…

For nearly 1,800 people nationwide that is their haunting reality. An uncertain future where there’s nothing else to do but wait…( dramatic part)

Goodmorning judges, teams and audience. My name is Andrés Urbina.

Compulsory Organ Donation is the only realistic and reasonable solution to solve the immense need for organ transplants. I will show youwhy:

First, if organ donation was compulsory, the number of potential organ donors would increase. According to the Transplant Corporation, only a 44% of the potential donors are effective donors.The other 56% is lost (statistics). As a consequence of compulsory organ donation, the number of effective donors would also increase.

Second, with compulsory organ donation, the government wouldhave to invest more money in hospitals and organ maintenance. According to Dr. Javier Domínguez, who is in charge of the Transplant Corporation in Chile, with compulsory organ donation, there would bebetter policies that would make organ donation and transplants easier(expert opinion). For example, every hospital would have more resources to inform about potential donors as well as a specializednetwork of professionals(example).

Finally, with compulsory organ donation, the government would be in charge of generating a state organization that guarantees the execution of the law regardingorgan donation and transplants. Today, this responsibility is in charge of the Transplant Corporation, which is a private, non-profitable organization that depends on the goodwill of people who are partof it.

With all the arguments presented before… Do you still have doubts about how beneficial compulsory organ donation would be?

Audience…Is it fair for us to condemn others to death because...
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