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Halloween is also known as Halloween or All Souls' Night is a celebration of Celtic origin which takes place mainly in the United States, Canada, Ireland, the Kingdom on the night of October 31. Itoriginated in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday of All Saints Day. In large part, is a secular celebration but some believe it has a religious background.
The day is oftenassociated with the colors orange, black and purple Typical activities include the famous Halloween trick or treating and costume parties, besides bonfires, visiting haunted houses, jokes, reading scarystories and viewing horror films.
The festival comes to America
In 1840 this festival comes to America, where it is deeply rooted. However, the party did not start mass held until 1921. That year wasthe first Halloween parade in Minnesota and other states then followed. The party gradually acquired a popularity in the coming decades. The internationalization of Halloween took place in the late70's and early 80's thanks to movies and television series.
Today Halloween is one of the most important dates in U.S. and Canadian holiday calendar. Some Latin American countries, evenknowing this holiday, have their own traditions and celebrations that day, but agree as to its meaning: the union or extreme closeness of the living world and the kingdom of the dead.
The image of Americanchildren running around the dark streets dressed as goblins, ghosts and demons, asking for candy and treats the inhabitants of a dark, quiet neighborhood, has been engraved in the minds of manypeople.
Legends and Customs of Halloween
Children dress for the occasion and walk the streets begging for candy from door to door. After knocking at the door children uttered the phrase "trick or treat,"If adults give them candy, money or other reward, is interpreted to have accepted the deal. If instead they refuse, the guys spent a little joke, the most common throw eggs or shaving foam against...
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