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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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La Mujer Maravilla…
ORIGIN: Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of the Amazons. It was named after the goddess of the hunt.-------------------------------------------------
It was formed at first by his mother in a clay figure. He was given life by his mother's plea to the goddess Aphrodite Hippolyta. Conceived in this way by the grace of agoddess, Diana grew to be the most beautiful rider of Paradise Island, with the wisdom of Athena, stronger than Hercules and more agile and faster than Hermes.-------------------------------------------------
Against the wishes of his mother, managed to sneak in a costume and win the competition to choose the most powerful rider, which was from the Island to assist mortals in their fight againstNazism.
Subsequently, as a result of the series Crisis on Infinite Earths (Crisis on Infinite Earths), originally reviewed by George Perez. Otherauthors who have made ​​great contributions to the history of Wonder Woman are: Mike Deodato Jr, in the series entitled "The Tournament", Phil Jimenez, who with the story "The Witch and the Warrior"narrated an epic saga where Diana gathers an army of heroes to fight the sorceress Circe, and, more recently, Greg Rucka in a controversial step that divided fans of the character, and Gail Simone, whichfor many means the revival of the Amazon Princess, plunged in recent times in mediocre quality, but also divided fans about their quality.

POWERS:He has great strength and intelligence to be able to lift Themyscira with one hand and effortlessly. It is considered vulnerable but a goddess level for the rest of the superheroes and that does notage, is immortal, has an extraordinary beauty and has the ability to come up with the right outfit needs: skater, swimmer, nurse and denim. Alongside this, it is an exceptional melee fighter with or...
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