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1 Grammar

a Underline the correct answer: a, b, c or d.

1 Squash is a popular sport that …..... indors.

a plays b is played c played d was played2 President John Kennedy …..... in Dallas in November 1963.

a kills b is killed c killed d was killed

3 Many Japanese people …..... sushiand sashimi.

a eat b are eaten c ate d were eaten

4 Many animals …..... for scienfic experiments in the past.

a use b are used c usedd were used

5 Spanish …...... by a lot of people in the USA.

a speaks b is spoken c spoke d was spoken

6 Honda is company that …...... cars.a makes b is made c made d was made

b Write sentences using the present simple or past simple passive

1 The World Trade Centre / destroy / on 11September 2001

The World Trade Centre was destroyed on 11 September 2001

2 A language called Hindi / speak / in many parts of India

A language calledHindi is spoken in many parts of India

3 The 2008 Olympic Games / hold / in Beijing

The 2008 Olympic Games was held in Beijing

4 Boeing 747 planes /call / Jumbos

Boeing 747 planes / is called Jumbos

5 Most American films / make / in Hollywood

Most American films are made in Hollywood6 The 2006 football World Cup / win / by Italy

The 2006 football World Cup was won by Italy

7 John Lennon / kill / in December 1980

John Lennonwas killed on December 1980

8 The Titanic / sink / by an iceberg

The Titanic was sunk by an iceberg

9 Gorillas / find / in forest in Africa...
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