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  • Publicado : 19 de agosto de 2010
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I will talk about the earthquake in Mexico City that happened last week, It happened on Saturday at 7 am, I was waking up when suddenly I heard on the radio the Earthquake Alarm.
Suddenly Iremembered that I only had a few seconds to get out of my house. So I went quickly running to the bedrooms for my family to waken up and alert them about the earthquake was coming.
My family and I gotup and dressed as fast as we could and we left the house. When we were outside the house we began to see some very scary images, we saw light poles began to sway from one side to the other, we sawour building began to sway slowly from side to side, taking more and more power. Suddenly we saw a large opening was beginning from the base of the building to the top.
After several minutes,everything stopped and calm, all my family was scared because we did not know if the building would collapse if all we got back inside so a neighbor turned on the radio in his car so we could hearsomething in the news. Soon, there were in all the stations news about the earthquake. The commentators were alarmed, all that they could said was that if our house had one or more broken walls, wecould not come into our houses until a specialist assess the damage.
The radio said that to avoid electrical problems the government had announced it would make a power outage in the meantime we hadto locate the shelters that exist in the city and have a first aid kit close to us.
The first days were easier, but then the food became scarce, luckily in my house there nonperishable food. Oneof us went home quickly to get a few cans of tuna and beans (which we had bought for the year) that was our food for several days. The government sent some trucks with food for the people who hadnot had the opportunity to buy it.
Finally, a week after a specialist came into the building, said we could return to our homes and that the hole in the wall we had to cover it with concrete.
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