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  • Publicado : 7 de septiembre de 2010
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skeLengua Extranjera III

Proyecto 1
What enjoyable thing did you do recently?

Preparatoria 6
Universidad de Guadalajara

Real Cárdenas Alejandro 3°“H” T/M
Profesor: José Luis Sención Acosta

Hi. My name is Alex and I’m 16 years old. My brothers are Carlos and Brenda; my friends are Christian, Miriam, Kari,Ana, Juan, Edgar, Ale and Susi; my cousins are Diego, Fher and Myriam.

My last vacation was something normal but I had a fun many times. My brothers went tothe beach again but my parents and I stayed in Guadalajara.

I went to the movies with my friends, neither did Miriam. We saw Toy Story 3 so did my brothersbut in another movie theater.

I slept too night because I was on vacation, so did my cousins. We woke up too night, neither did my parents.

I went tothe Santuario de los Mártires with my friends two Saturdays and we go to listen mass, neither did my cousins. It was fun because we did praise and other funnythings.

I go to the church every Sunday, so does my brothers. After every mass, I stay with my friends outside the church, neither does my brothers.

Juan,Edgar and Christian can play the guitar, so can I. They are in a musical group, but I don’t because I don’t like the genre of music.

My brother told me hewould teach me to drive but he never did. I’m still waiting for it.

Actually, my vacation ended but I still have a fun with my brothers, cousins and friends, theonly bad thing is the school but I have to go if I want to be someone in the life. I go to the school; neither does Fher because he lost the semester.
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