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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2010
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Steps to be a good teacher
As we all know scholar education is very important, and by the time of finish high school and choose your career everyone choose the one that identifies the most thepersonality of the individual, some chose to be doctors, chefs, architects, but there are a lot of people that chose to be teachers, it is such important to think that the education of others is in yourhands. Being a good teacher is hard, because explain the hardest topics and make it sound easy it is not an easy job. Good teachers need to be prepared and have knowledge to teach their studentseverything they need to succeed in life.
First of all we have to remember that teacher should have a career and being specialized in the subject that they are teaching, but on the other side some teachersstudy one subject and teach another one because of all the knowledge they have gained over the years. Teachers also have a very unique way of teaching, and it sometimes depends on the student’sattitude. This is because all students have a very different way of learning and need different methods to obtain the knowledge they have to have in order to get good grades. Some people find it easier tolearn by images, another by sounds, some people like to study from slides, and more. And for these all teachers must be prepared with the appropriate type of class so their students can learn well andhave the right education for life. For example, a kid that needs to learn the verbs. The teacher gives him a list with all the verbs, but the kid will find it very difficult to learn it because of theway the teacher is trying to get him to learn them. But if the teacher gives him a list with the verbs and images and examples, the kid will find it very easy to learn, and he will probably like it.In the other hand to be a excellent teacher you have to had values, and be honest because if you don’t be honest you are not ethics, for example de doctor, if the doctor give to the patient a...