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Camera Control Unit

SDI Camera Adaptor


Providing an extremely cost-effective, end-to-end digital camera system solution
CCU-D50*1 Camera Control Unit
• Interfaces with Sony DXC-D35 Series digital cameras*2 via its associated CA-D50 Camera Adaptor. • The output of the CA-D50 Camera Adaptor is transferred to the CCU-D50 Camera Control Unit as a component digitalSDI*3 signal via a Sony CCZ-A 26-pin cable up to 75 m long. By using a Sony CCZ-AD 26-pin cable, lengths up to 150 m can be achieved. Using this digital SDI connection allows virtually degradation-free transmission from the camera to the CCU. • The distance between the CA-D50 Camera Adaptor and CCU-D50 Camera Control Unit can be extended to a maximum 200 m by providing a separate low loss coaxialvideo cable to carry the SDI signal between the two units. • Switchable mode to accept analog component/VBS signals from DVCAM® camcorders equipped with a 26-pin interface. Maximum cable length from the camcorder to the CCU-D50 is 300 m*4. • Outputs analog composite and one of the following: component digital SDI, analog component (Y/R-Y/B-Y or RGB), or S-video*5. • Flexible intercom connectivityallows the interfacing of 2-wire or 4-wire systems to be selected. • Green tally indication included for use in mid to largescale camera operations.
*1 In the following text, 'CCU-D50' refers to both the CCU-D50 (NTSC model) and the CCU-D50P (PAL model). *2 An upgrade is required for all DXC-D30 Series cameras. DXC-D35 cameras with serial numbers earlier than 110031 and DXC-D35WS cameras with serialnumbers earlier than 100395 require a software change. For further information please contact Sony customer support (POSC) at 1-800-883-6817. *3 Embedded audio is not supported. *4 The distance between the camcorder and the CCU-D50 may vary depending on system requirements. *5 Available output signals depend on the connected camera or camcorder.

CA-D50 Camera Adaptor
• Designed for use withthe CCU-D50 Camera Control Unit. • Dockable to Sony DXC cameras that employ the 76-pin digital connector. • Interfaces with 26-pin equipped Sony portable VTRs. • Interfaces with the BKP-L551 Battery Adaptor with the appropriate service part*.
* Please contact your nearest Sony office.

■ System Configuration

■ Peripheral Equipment
RCP-TX7 Remote Control Panel
SDI Analogcomponent RGB S-video CCA-7 cable (10-pin to 10-pin) Max. 50 m Analog composite

CCZ-A cable
• Max. 75 m for SDI transmission via a CCZ-A cable • Max. 200 m for SDI transmission with an additional coaxial video cable • Max. 300 m for analog-signal transmission via a CCZ-A cable

• Provides full* camera control functions to cover extremely sophisticated operations.
*When connecting acamera/CA-D50 to the CCU-D50.

RM-M7G Remote Control Unit
• Compact and lightweight handheld unit intended for basic camera control operations.

DXC-D35/D35WS with CA-D50

CCZ-A cables (26-pin to 26-pin)
• Six types of cable lengths available: CCZ-A2; 6.6 feet (2.0 m) CCZ-A5; 16.4 feet (5.0 m) CCZ-A10; 32.8 feet (10.0 m) CCZ-A25; 82.0 feet (25.0 m) CCZ-A50; 164.0 feet (50.0 m) CCZ-A100; 328.1 feet(100.0 m)

Notes: The DXC-D35 Series digital cameras requires software upgrade to use the CCU-D50/D50P. The RCP-TX7 and RM-M7G cannot be used together.

CCZZ-1E Extension Connector (26-pin to 26-pin)
• Extension connector for CCZ-A cable interconnection.

*The equipment in the figure above are labeled with NTSC model names.

CCZZ-1B Bulk-head connector (26-pin to 26-pin)
•Wall mountable type connector for CCZ-A cable interconnection.

■ Specifications
Input connectors GEN LOCK SDI RETURN VIDEO PROMPTER VIDEO Output connectors VBS (1, 2) Y/R-Y/B-Y

Input/Output connectors Camera interface CCU/VTR/CMA SDI OUT GENLOCK/PROMPTER OUT EARPHONE INTERCOM DC IN General Power requirements Power consumption Operating temperature...
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