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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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Linda has a family beyond broken, a cheating husband, who has intensions of committing suicide and is clearly insane, a son who every thinks, is a failure; and another sonwho is do damaged that has develop an addiction to sex.
In relation to her sons, Biff and Happy, Linda can be very stern, confident and resolute; however when it is in relation to her husband isalmost as if she were walking on eggshells.
As we read in the book it’s so obvious that not noticing these kinds of things is almost impossible, she just acts comforting, understanding and just nods herhead while her husband is talking nonsense to his dead brother, it is a little frustrating. But, maybe we are judging her too hard, don’t we do the same? Sometimes we pretend that everything is ok,we smile, we laugh, but if someone goes a little deeper, he could realize that nothing is ok; we are hurt and full of pain, sadness and regrets. I don’t think that Linda’s reaction is ok, but it canbe justify with acting like every human, but exaggerated, but it is in everyone the need to protect what you love. It’s easy for her to live in denial, it’s easy not to confront those feelings, it’seasy for her to act normal and cover her eyes with the palm of her hands to imagine that everything is okay.
In relation to Willy specifically; Linda knows that her son Biff is at least one source ofagony, throughout act one, Linda chastises her son for not being more attentive and understanding.
Linda believes that if her sons became successful then Willy’s fragile psyche will heat itself. Sheexpects her sons to manifest the dreams of their dad, because she believes her sons, Biff particularly, are the only hope for Willy’s sanity.
We can notice in the history how Linda chooses Willy overher sons. When Biff complains about his father’s erratic behavior, Linda proves her devotion to her husband by telling her son:
“If he doesn’t have any feeling for Willy, then he doesn’t have any...
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