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  • Publicado : 26 de octubre de 2010
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in my house there are four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, portal, television lounge.
the room is made up ofsofa, tv set, pug, cushions here talking, we telvision, etc futball parties.
in the rooms have the beds, pillows, blankets, wardrobes and air conditioning these alone use them torelax and also have a guest.
The bathroom has a shower, toilet paper, mirrors, sink etc.
in the dining room is a table, chairs, tables, vases and a television for entertainment.the laundry is in the second pisoy has a washer, dryer, iron, detergents and shelves.
in the kitchen have a refrigerator, stove, mixer, blender, microwave, shelves, plates,knives, spoons, oven and more kitchen utensils and well this is my home.


well I'll describe how to get to a place.
sorry can you tell me where is the cinema.
ok themovie is two blocks to the school derechafrente.
 but I'm far away from here.
minutoscaminando in fifteen and five minutes by car.
ok thanks.
please could you tell me where isjorge Capwell Stadium.
clear jorge Capwell Stadium is two blocks from here, turn right go straight ahead, past the two traffic lights, when you reach the museum, leading thechurch and around the stadium.
sorry can you tell me where is the museum.
light, turn right, go straight until the traffic light, turn left and find the museum front.
please helpme, that happens.
I'm lost.
where to go.
where is the library.
 go straight through the traffic lights turn derechay the next block is the library.
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