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1. Inform him that “Rock Lee is the smex”
2. Show him NejiHina
3. Claim you are his long lost cousin
4. If he asks for proof, do a really crappy Byakugan imitation
5.Point at him and ask “what’s with the blind chick?”
6. Ask why there’s a swastika on his forehead
7. Tell him Ten Ten is pregnant with his child
8. Tell him LEE is pregnant with his child
9.Inform Ten Ten/Lee that he uses Byakugan on them ALL THE TIME
10. Inform GAI he uses Byakugan on him all the time
11. Videotape them beating him up
12. Steal all his clothes, leaving nothing in hiscloset but green spandex
13. Give him a 5000 item list as to why the Sharingan is so much better than Byakugan
14. Tell Lee he’s a girl
15. When he gets angry say “Oh, looks like somebody’s PMSing!”16. Whenever he’s fighting play “Macarena”
17. When he’s fighting play “Safety Dance”
18. Bang his head on the wall
19. If he asks what you’re doing, say it’s destiny
20. Sing “Dancing Queen”whenever he enters a room
21. Get Lee drunk
22. Lock the two of them in a closet (preferably when Lee’s still drunk)
23. When he activates his byakugan act all creeped out by the veins popping out ofhis head
24. Show everyone the LeeXNeji piggyback scene
25. Introduce him to FanFiction
26. Tell Ten Ten of his undying love for her
27. Tell GAI of his  undying love
28. Follow him around all day29. Proclaim he is most youthful whenever he tries to talk to anybody
30. Force him to kiss you
31. Take pictures of the event
32. Ask him why he doesn’t just admit he’s gay
33. Steal his shirtto make sure he’s not a girl
34. Paint his room pink
35. Tell him his haircut is a hippie cut
36. Suggest he get a bowl cut instead
37. Tell Gai he needs “The Birds and the Bees” explained to him38. Dye his hair green when he’s asleep
39. Dress up as his dead father
40. Use his curse mark as a target for dart practice
41. For his birthday, buy him a Victoria Secret giftcard
42. Loudly...
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