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Chapter 8 Exam - IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.1)

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of network cable is shown?

Which term describes the processof adding headers to data as it moves through the layers of the OSI model?

When purchasing Cisco components for a network installation, what are three warning signs thatthe equipment may be counterfeit? (Choose three.)
    #The price is much less than expected.
    #The equipment appears to be performing at a substandard level.
    #The packaging appears to besubstandard compared to the packaging of other Cisco purchases.

Which protocol is used to automatically configure network devices?
Which protocol lacks support forencryption and can be initiated from a computer command prompt?

Which broadband technology would be recommended for a business that requires workers to access the Internet whilevisiting customers at many different locations?
Which two factors are used to determine the different categories of UTP cabling? (Choose two.)
    #The number of twists in thewires inside the cable.
    #The number of wires inside the cable.
Which network topology will allow all devices to continue to communicate with each other should a network cable fail?    #mesh
Which software must be installed and working correctly on a computer to successfully enable a VPN connection to a remote site?
    #VPN client

A college student isconfused. To use online banking, the student types https://www.banking.com, whereas to access the college web page, the student types http://www.college.edu. Why would the two institutions usedifferent protocols?
    #The bank encrypts the web page information that is sent and received.
What is the purpose of the device that uses the address?
    #It is the device...
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