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Question: 1. When I study I like to

[pic]Explain the information to someone else
[pic]Use a chantingrhythm to memorize
[pic]Use a highlighter to emphasize points

Question: 2. I like to study

[pic]Alone in a quiet place
[pic]In a group so I canlisten to others
[pic]With one other person using role playing games

Question: 3. I remember things best if I

[pic]Write things down and read themback
[pic]Make lists and write them over and over
[pic]Record the information and listen

Question: 4. I like to learn using

[pic]Photographs anddiagrams
[pic]Rhymes and chants that I make up
[pic]Labs and demonstrations

Question: 5. Sometimes when nobody is around I will

[pic]Draw apicture showing a process I need to understand
[pic]Create songs with my homework information
[pic]Act out information

Question: 6. I remember thingsmost when I

[pic]Say them
[pic]Hear them
[pic]Read them

Question: 7. I have trouble remembering information if I

[pic]Can't take notes[pic]Read it and don't talk about it in class
[pic]Can't discuss it in class

Question: 8. I remember

[pic]Names and faces if I can shakehands

Question: 9. When I study for a test I like to

[pic]Trace pictures , diagrams , and charts with my finger
[pic]Make an outline[pic]Read out loud

When the student finish the exam he /she will realize about if he /she is:

• Auditorium

• Visual

• Tactile
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