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- Place the bottles in a straight line, about 2 to 4 inches apart from each other.
- Fill the bottles one-by-one until the water level is staggered.Fill the first bottle with a small amount of water. Fill the second bottle with more water than the first bottle. Fill the third bottle with more water than the secondbottle, and so on until all of your bottles have a varying amount of water. When your done the first bottle should have the least amount of water and the last bottle themost.
- Take your knife and strike the tops of each bottle one after the other and listen to the different pitches.
-  Strike the bottles in any order to makemusic.


The more water in the bottle, the lower the pitch will be when played. This is because the sound vibrations you can hear come from the actual bottle,as you add water it takes on greater vibrating mass. The less water that's in the bottle means there is less weight that vibrates and the pitch is higher. So thebottles have diferent sound and could do music.


- 5 to 8 identical glass bottles. These could be thin jars, beakers, or even empty glass soda bottles.
- knife


We hear the bottles by hitting them with the knife and listen to the pitch from each one. You can even label your bottles from 1 to 5and use tape to mark the water levels. This way you can hear the notes or the bottles numbers. Obviously we see that the sound of each bottler are not the same andcause that we can perform a musical concert.




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