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Javier Recio Del Rio 2ºC – Book Summary Secret Agent Conrad

The story begins when Verloc out with Vladimir of his house, and as they take that walk on some topics discussed. Verloc, first of alllive in a small neighborhood of small houses, this is a large tent in the bottom and the top lives with his family. His family is complex, the brother has mental disabilities. Vladimir friends arefriends anarchist revolutionary character, and the police are well known and will be for them. Vladimir before anything was a former secretary of Russia and Verloc function which is to be hired as asecret spy agent, then he will order a series of jobs as an observatory to destroy the town of Greenwich with a large pump to upset an opposition party that was the British against his opponent, theanarchist party. Verloc going into your house and the surprise is that his friends are talking in secret in politics. Then come another character named Ossipon that meets the professor and discovers thatmakes bombs and has one inside his coat to destroy a thing. Then you hear that same day since, i saw Ossipon, left by the news that a bomb exploded in a park and which had immolated himself. Then theteacher goes for a walk and meets another man who is and is called Heat inspector who was investigating the explosion occurred in the park. Then the teacher learns that Anarchists are watching. After atime of confusion, the story goes with an other character called Michaelis result that moved to the outskirts of town to write his own book. Heat was then and now told the Commissioner that Michaelissuspected and found in the bomb shelter of a label with the address of a store. Commissioner before Michaelis blame goes to his superior called Ethelred and he suspects the attack, researchers andothers, had not come from the anarchists but was a stranger and stranger. So here goes to the commissioner Verloc house and his family and went to a strange asylum in horses. The Commissioner finds...
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