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Annual Hull Survey 1 , CABALLO FUERTE , 22-Sep-2010 , CD1885465-B
Seq No 1 3 4 6 Checklist Items : All At each Annual Survey the weather decks, hull plating and their closing appliances together with watertight penetrations are to be generally examined as far as practicable and placed in satisfactory condition. The survey is to include the following: 1.1.2(a) Hatchways, manholes, and scuttles infreeboard and superstructure decks. 1.1.2(b) Machinery casings, fiddley covers, funnel annular spaces, skylights, companionways and deckhouses protecting openings in freeboard or enclosed superstructure decks. 1.1.2(d) (1 July 2006) Ventilators including closing devices where fitted, air pipes together with flame screens and weld connections to deck plating. All air pipe “closure devices”installed on the exposed decks are to be externally examined, randomly opened out and their condition verified. Scuppers, inlets and overboard discharges are to be externally examined as accessible including their attachment to shell and valves. Particular attention is to be paid to the condition of zinc coating in heads constructed from galvanized steel.

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7 10 11 121.1.2(e) Watertight bulkheads, bulkhead penetrations, end bulkheads of enclosed superstructures, and the operation of any doors in same. Note: This includes watertight bulkheads that are accessible below the main deck. Freeing ports, together with bars, shutters and hinges. Guard rails, lifelines, gangways, and deck houses accommodating crew. Confirmation of loading guidance, stability data and damagecontrol plans, as applicable. Loading instruments accepted for classification or approved stability computers installed to supplement the Trim and Stability booklet are to be confirmed in working order by use of the approved check conditions, as applicable. The user’s instruction manual for the loading instrument or the stability computer is to be confirmed onboard. Additionally, for High SpeedCraft, the operation manual is to be verified on board. Confirmation that no alterations have been made to the hull or superstructures which would affect the calculation determining the position of the load lines. Record of Conditions of Assignment is to be available onboard for reference. The Load Line marks are to be sighted, found plainly visible, and recut and/or painted, as required. Anchors andchain cables, anchor windlass including foundation, prime mover, shafting, wildcats, brakes, controls, and chain stoppers are to be examined as far as possible. (2006) Each windlass is to be operated, as far as possible, for braking, clutch functioning, lowering and hoisting of chain cable and anchor, proper riding of the chain over the wildcat, proper transit of the chain through the hawse pipeand chain pipe, and effecting proper stowage of the chain and anchor. Verification that no significant changes have been made to the arrangement of structural fire protection, verification of the operation of manual and/or automatic fire doors, if fitted, and verification that the means of escape from the accommodations, machinery spaces, and other spaces are satisfactory. Suspect areas of the hullare to be overall examined, including an overall and Close-up Survey of those suspect areas which were identified at the previous surveys. Areas of substantial corrosion identified at previous surveys are to have thickness measurements taken. Where extensive areas of corrosion are found or when considered necessary by the Surveyor, thickness measurements are to be carried out and renewals and/orrepairs made when wastage exceeds allowable margins. Where substantial corrosion is found, additional thickness measurements in accordance with 7-3-2/7 are to be taken to confirm the extent of substantial corrosion. These extended thickness measurements are to be carried out before the survey is credited as completed. Note: These requirements are not applicable to cargo tanks of oil carriers,...
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