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2) Right one: D, because it’s used to said that you have experienced it often enough for it to seem normal to you.
3) Right one: A, because is for supply something tosomeone.
4) Right one: D, because the sentence talks about the job of the paper, the role of it.
7) Right one: D, because the sentence talks about an amount, a quantity.
9) Right one:
10) Right one: C,because trend is a general development and here something is becoming popular.


14) Right one: What (not how), because you use what to say what you have in mind about something.
15) Rightone: Any (not all), because you are reffering to any student, there is no requirement.
16) Right one: As (not on), because the sentence talks about a person and as represents it better.
18) Rigth one:Of (not is), because
20) Rigth one: Taking (not the), because the sentence talks about something in what you can take part helping.
22) Right one: Because (not after), because they are saying whythey can’t return the wrok given.


25) Right one: Knowledge (not knowing), because it’s the noun about what could happen and you already know about it.
26) Right one: Toughlest (notthoughty), because
28) Right one: Suffering (not suffers), because
29) Right one: Comfortbly (not comfortable), because an adverb goes after a verb and comfortably is an adverb
30) Right one: Unlike (notlike), because the text talks about something that someone or something doesn’t like.
31) Right one: Relatively (not relatives), because is the only word you can use (you can’t use an adjective, a verband a noun)
33) Right one: Additional (not additioned), because you are using a supplementary to what is already present.
34) Right one: Warmth (not warming), because it’s a noun.


35)Right one: In order not to.are required to show your
38) Right one: More than five years since.
40) Right one: Keep the skies under control.
41) Right one: Said to have been.
42) Right one: A few...
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