Holocaust essay

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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Prompt 3:
No man can stand-alone for long against systematic aggression and abuses. Amazingly, during the Jewish Holocaust there where many people, who seemed to prefer tuning their backs on eachother, rather than helping themselves to overcome difficult situations. The Holocaust exposed the darkest side of mankind; how cruel can we actually be to others. In Night, as well as in reality,Germans placed Jews in animal-like situations and conditions, putting them in contact with their most savage and instinctive state, self-preservation and survival. Neighbors, friends, cousins, brothers,fathers and many other Jews lost the sense of brotherhood and fellowship among themselves, which leads me to think. Can anyone be truly trusted in this world?
The Holocaust should be remembered aswhat brought to light the cruel reality about human nature. There imperative desire to survive that lies within the inside of every man and woman; it will go above any and every bond or relation toothers. As the animals by nature that all humans are, if our life is in danger our actions will be guided by instinct. In Night, Eliezer’s Kapo told him a phrase about Auschwitz, which describesperfectly the cruel reality, which all Jews where subject to during WW2 “Here, every man has to fight for himself and not think of anyone else (…) Here, there are no fathers, no brothers, no friends.Everyone lives and dies for himself alone.” Moments of crisis and despair expose the real darkness inside of all of us; and the truth is, nobody is to be trusted in the world.
There is a general loss offaith towards God, especially from the main character as described in Night. After Eliezer saw the oven where babies and human beings where burned he said. “Never shall I forget those flames whichconsumed my faith forever”. So much “evil”, so much cruelty lived made even devote people doubt, if there is a God out somewhere. What are religion, beliefs, and standards by which to live under? Simple...
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