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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2011
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Maus Chapter 5 summary
In chapter 5 we read that the husband (Artie) was in bed with his wife when his mother called him to say somethingabout his dad climbing to the roof for fixing some pipes and that his dad needed his help for coming down because it was a very dangerouspath but he said no and he didn’t help his father. A week later he went to his father house and he found him very mad in the garage becausehe found a comic called “Prisoner on the hell planet”. Afterwards the comic is introduced and it is about a man who’s mother killedherself 3 weeks before he was left in liberty from the mental hospital so he goes to the doctor and he talked about his problems and how did hismother killed herself. When the scene is finished he tries to remember the last time he was with her mother and what happened was that heremembered that his mother sent him to the shrink. Afterward they are at Artie’s place so his wife tells him that his dad is very mad withhim because he found the comic then as a coincidence the dad comes home and he tells Artie that he remembered something about Amja and thewent to the bank because Artie was going to go with his dad. When they are on their way his dad starts to tell some stories about some Jews.The story’s were about how did the treated them and how did he survived because of a bunker he had at home and then he described him.
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