Holy week

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1. SITUATION: When I meet a new neighbor for the first time:
K: Hello! Good morning!
NN: Hi!
K: I´m Karen, I live in front of you
NN: Really? That´s good, we will beneighbors
K: Yes, and that´s why I decided to introduce myself
K: I can help you in everything you want. I know all the places here: the supermarket, the mall, the hospital, etc. Ifyou want I can introduce yourself to others
NN: thank you! I feel really happy to start a new live here and I really appreciate your help and your interest
NN: I want toorganize a party and I like to invite you
K: that´s good! We will be good friends
NN: Give me a favor. I like to invite all the neighbors. Can you help me to invite them?
K: Ofcourse. I can do it.
NN: You are nice, thank you for all.

2. SITUATION: When a new student joins the class and seems nervous.
K: Hello! What´s your name?
S: Hi! I´m Mary andyou?
K: I´m Karen. How old are you?
S: I´m 19 years old.
K: Really? Me too. Welcome to the school it´s really good and the teachers are nice.
S: Thank you! You are so friendly.K: You shouldn´t be nervous, all the people here are friendly. The class is interesting and you learn a lot of things.
S: I´m sure that I will make friends quickly.

3.SITUATION: When I meet someone interesting at a party?
K: Hi! The music is really good
D: Yeah! I like to dance with you
K: Ok. Let´s go!
D: Do you come here a lot?
K:Yes, It´s my favorite club and I come here all the Fridays
D:That´s good!
K: What´s your name?
D: I´m Daniel
K: Nice to meet you. I´m Karen
D: What´s your favorite music?K: Rock and the Beatles is my favorite group.
D: Wow! It´s an amazing band I like it too.
K: Yes, they are a legend.
K: Do you like to drink something?
D: Of course. Let´s go!