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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2011
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  In NYC there are over 3,000 homeless people. Many homeless people die because of starvation or abuse. For homeless peoplein NYC its extremely hard for them to get any food, some have to dig out of trash cans to get clothes. Homeless people live in abandon houses and homeless shelters without enough food or water.Homeless people don’t have any medication and are sick and ill because of the conditions they have. Some homeless shelter workers abuse the homeless in the shelters. And some even die because of it. Theirkids don’t even get an education and some homeless people have to take care of a whole family. Streets in NYC are full of homeless people every year homeless shelters lose food because of the numberof increasing homeless people every year.

Homeless shelters should start giving free medicine to the needy who are transported to the shelters. No one knows the diseases and illness that homelesspeople have, and it is fair that homeless shelters do give free medicine to the needy that are transported to the shelters. In many parts of the world homeless people die because of abuse and sicknessthey have. Some homeless kids and there families think that they should get some free food so they can feed their kids so that they don’t die of starvation. The Bronx community thinks this is fair andthat homeless people should never get unfair treatment. Homeless people starve because their houses get burned down, don’t have any money to afford any food, and because of unfair treatment form thehomeless shelters. Homeless shelters are shelters that are for the homeless who have no money, job, or homes to live in. Homeless shelter

Until they can get a good job and get enough money to buy...
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